NWD is an Adelaide-based globally-accessible design studio that designs for transitions. We develop creative idea-focused approaches that aim to create the kind of changes we need for ever-changing worlds. We are big picture thinkers who work on top-down and bottom-up design interventions. We're focussed on change because humanity is facing ecological and social crises and let's face it, humans need to start changing.

NWD is a boutique graphic design studio in Adelaide and we're full of creative ideas

At NWD we design for transitions; creative ideas and theories of change underpin every design we create. Our design approaches are always sustainable, and aim to create top-down systems change that is coupled with bottom-up behaviour change. Our work is varied, but its goals are consistent—to design for post-capitalist futures, to amplify social justice and ecological sustainability, to foster cultural shifts in organisations, and to design for new worlds that are filled with possibility. We work collaboratively to co-define problems and co-create design interventions that cover a range of approaches:

  • workshop facilitation in complex problem articulation, stakeholder analysis, change management, cultural shifts
  • sustainability consultancy specialising in sustainability transitions and zero waste
  • strategic communication
  • graphic/visual recording
  • communication design and branding
  • web and multimedia design
  • interaction and experience design
  • illustration and photography
  • creative writing, copywriting and copy editing
  • research

Case Study: Rethink Rubbish

Rethink Rubbish is a research-based behaviour change program that helps schools to transition to zero waste/low waste models.

Full case study coming soon...

Case Study: Say No Way

Say No Way was an anti-nuclear campaign that was part of a successful 'take-down movement' that fought a State Government's proposed global nuclear waste dump in South Australia.

Full case study coming soon...

Case Study: Flourishing Fleurieu

Flourishing Fleurieu is a large scale transition project that aims to transition a regional community towards a more participatory food system that is supported by regenerative farming and social enterprises.

Full case study coming soon...








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